Oh, and one more thing: Making humans edit XML is sadistic!

This tool will convert your LyX Internet Drafts into text you can submit, or into HTML that's nice to read. Alternatively, convert to XML, which you can use with xml2rfc. If you're lucky, you might never have to edit XML again!

Tip: instead of starting from scratch, you can get started much quicker if you use this sample Internet Draft (right-click and save as ".lyx".). There's also an extensive User's Guide (HTML, LyX)

Alternatively, you can download the tool and try it on your own computer. More detailed instructions below.

Please report any issues here.

Installing the Tool Locally

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The following instructions are known to work on Ubuntu (tested on 12.04), but the tool should run on any Linux variant, and can be modified to run in other environments (let us know if you did!).

  1. Read the README file and install all the prerequisite packages.
  2. Download the lyx2rfc tool.
  3. Unzip the tool, and make sure "src/lyx2rfc" is in your search path.
  4. If you are not starting from the sample I-D, open the file in LyX, and copy/paste the "custom insets" file into Document/Settings/Local Layout.